Steel City Arts Initiative

Steel City Arts Initiative-The SCAI is the Limit

Steel City Arts Initiative (SCAI) is an initiative of YMWAHA that advocates for its children and works to serve the community's interest. SCAI serves as a voice to the Pittsburgh community, and strives to incorporate arts and music education into all aspects of the initiative. Keeping this goal in mind, SCAI strongly advocates for the preservation of arts and music education by providing the Pittsburgh community and schools with professional educators. 

Steel City Arts Initiative has a high level of respect for the community. The initiative’s art-based programs support the right of free expression of ideas, and Steel City Arts Initiative welcomes the participation of all children. The initiative will provide more students with the opportunity to become stronger academically, develop artistic pursuits that connect them to learning in a non-traditional way, and acquire the necessary social skills to be more socially and behaviorally responsive. 

The SCAI is the Limit!

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